Interview with Brian H. Kim at WonderCon 2019

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At WonderCon 2019, I got the chance to interview Brian Kim. Kim is a composer who’s music has been featured in numerous blockbusters. Kim is an awarding winning pianist, and has worked in cinema, on musicals and in television. He also play other instruments and is passionate about music in general. Kim has sacrificed allot to be an artist and has said that he never forgot how much he loves music. 

Kim is most known for being a composer on Star vs the Force of Evil. Amazingly enough he got the job as composer for Star vs the Force of Evil after doing a blind audition. Kim started out playing piano as a kid at 3 or 4 years old. That passion followed him until adulthood as he never stoped playing piano. His music has always meant something special for him. Kim went to college to be a Dr. Even though he was talented in Medicine, he choose to follow his passion in music. Something he has never regretted.

Kim has worked on many great productions. Some of his works on  Star vs the Force of Evil (2015- current), How I meet you Mother (2008-2014), Bones FOX show (2017), Search Party (2016), G.B.F. (2013), Lifted (2015), Bunker (2014), Cupid (2012), Odd Thomas (2013), and currently now Abby’s (2019). He has also worked with many musicians. Some famous like Boys 2 Men, Neil Patrick Harris and even Adele. 

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