It’s never wrong to love Star Wars and Course of the Force

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July 11, Runners
Bounty hunters!!!

Especially when your a Jedi (like myself) now the true question will you join me in my Star Wars love with the 2nd Course of the Force Relay Race benefiting Southern California Make-A-Wish?   You have two choices either register OR (better still) sponsor my run!  I’m going to be shortly asking all my friends, family, acquaintances,  random strangers and of course my geeks to donate to this great cause!


I’ll even let you help me choose my costume …


Womens Chewbacca Tank Top

  1. Mrs. Michelle “Princess Leia’ Obama 
  2. Mrs. Michelle “Jedi” Obama
  3. Sexy Chewbacca .. hey I’ve lost weight
  4. Sexy Jedi …
  5. Sexy Deathstar
  6. Sexy Han She-Solo

Ok I’m sure you’ve noticed that I do have theme but I HAVE lost weight AND I love Michelle Obama!

We are excited to announce the 2013 Course of the Force. This year’s event will be July 9-16, beginning at the Skywalker Ranch and traveling down the California coast to San Diego over 7 days.
Registration is now open and is $150 per participant – We hope you’ll once again join us on this epic journey! We’re extending a special offer to our participants from the inagural Course of the Force – if you register within the next 48 hours, you will recieve preference of your relay spot.
COTF 13 MAW Photo

Let me know what you think!

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