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By Gigi

Jurassic Games, starring Katie Burgess, Adam Hampton, and Ryan Merriman, is a B film about 10 convicts on death row who compete to survive in a controlled stimulation. This film is pretty much a gory Hunger Games with dinosaurs and virtual reality. When one of the inmates die in the game, they also die in real life.


Depending on how you want to look at it, this film could be considered a parody of The Purge, Hunger Games, and The Condemned. The movie trope of isolating a distinct group of people and pitting them against each other isn’t very original, nor is the backlash from the “vocal minority”. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The CGI quality could’ve been better, but I’m never a huge fan of CGI anyways; so, other than that I believe the directors did a great job.

I expected the film to be ridiculous because Ryan Merriman will always be a Disney channel actor to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie didn’t waste any time on a unnecessary backstory, and dove straight into the storyline. Though I do wish every inmate had a comprehensive backstory; instead, we were given the stereotypical horror characters: hot head brothers, gently father, the Asian martial artist/assassin, and black guy who dies 15 minutes into the film. The audience is quickly forced to root for the “family man”, Anthony Tucker. He is unlike the other contestants since there is no proof he actually killed his wife, so he doesn’t fit in with the other vicious, manic characters. To him winning this game means more than survival, it’s the only chance he has to reunite with his children. Since there is doubt in Anthony’s guilty verdict, the game’s host must find ways to pacify the viewers’ outcries. With this in mind, there are two main conflicts: ethics of the game and survival.  The game host certainly does not make it easy for any of the characters to survive the 4 life threatening game stages nor do the hungry dinosaurs on the loose. This action packed film has you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Jurassic Games will be available on Digital 6/12 and on DVD 7/3!

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