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“Wheeler? Wheeler?” Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford) welcomes you to the end of the world. Netflix proudly presents “Daybreak,” a dystopian civilization that has brought some of the worst parts of high school to everyday life. The adults are gone or have been turned into the new zombie called “Ghoulies,” and the kids are running the school. That alone is a terrifying thought, because who didn’t indulge in their basic instincts or nature when they were teenagers? I know I did. But that is actually what turns this show into the comical genius that it is. That and the consistent breaking of the fourth wall that holds all the amusement of Deadpool.

The show is intercut between the before the bombs fell and the after. Traversing through the perils of this new world, but full of humor and some kind of inappropriate behaviors of the new world order, Josh finds trouble and amusing ways to survive. Infused with a little Ferris Bueller, Mad Max and Not Another Teen Movie, every part of this show is full of the things we have seen that makes things interesting, but funnier.

Dividing the world into factions creates an interesting dynamic that makes Divergent looks almost tame comparison. Filled with characters like Wesley Fist (Austin Crute) who is seeking to atone for past douche-ness), Angelica (Alyvia Alyn Lind) as the genius with flexible morality and Principal Burr (Matthew Broderick) who is generally chill but weird, makes for an interesting mix of gullible, crazy and naivety that one can ask for. This show is not to be missed. Keep up to date on my reactions to each episode on my Twitter account @SkylahAnari.

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Skylah Anari

I am a little weird and I love that. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and after 7 years in the military, I moved to LA to become a part of this crazy entertainment world. Having the chance to put my thoughts out on this slice of life is an awesome experience. So, join me on my journey through all this, grab a slice of my weirdness and enjoy the insanity.