Justin Simien welcome to the Disney+ family

Justin Simien welcome to the Disney+ family

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Lando Calrissian is coming to Disney+ in his own series

Justin Simien is joining the Star Wars family with the announcement from Lucasfilm that he’s developing a series around beloved stylish cape lover Lando Calrissian. Now we get to see if how he interprets the ‘voice’ of Lando. I remember when they introduced the Handsome Black Swashbuckler to the SWU and how excited I was to see some representation in my beloved franchise and as a Black Geek/Blerd. Growing up it wasn’t often I’d someone who looked like me and when I did it was a man. But Billy Dee Williams <hubba hubba> I remember as a kid watching him in movies and my grandmother saying what a handsome man! Now as an adult watching him in the final film I was really excited to see so much diversity with not only Black woman but Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ and more showing in the future we DO EXIST! I am curious how Justin will expand on the character. Will it be him as a young man with his first cape? An adventure with Lando and Chewbacc in the Millennium Falcon flirting, gampling, causing a ruckus and a great collection of CAPES!!!??? The possibilities are endless and my excitement is ready to be a co-pilot in this huge departure from his current comedy/drama and horror.

Justin has had a very busy year with the Sundance Film Festival darling Bad Hair (Hulu) and the final season of Dear White People (Netflix).

I’ve been a fan of Justin’s since Dear White People came out in 2014 and found the film charming. It definitely spoke to me as a Black woman that attended a predominately White University that was exploring her ‘Blackness’, freedom from parents, and adulting. When the series premiered on Netflix I devoured every season like a thirsty person lost in the desert finding an oasis with water.

I had very vague plans to attend the 2020 Sundance Film Festival after getting approved for credentials about a month out but I just was unable to find a writing gig or pay for last-minute airfare/Airbnb <yikes> so expensive! But heard the major buzz about Bad Hair a parable about conforming to American beauty standards by getting a weave for straight, long, and flippable hair. I saw this at the 2020 Hollyshorts Drive-in with my sister and we both cackled at this horror-comedy. What Black woman has wrestled not only with her hair but also how she is treated depending on her texture, length, and (unspoken) colorism if darker than a paper bag!

I look forward to the final season of Dear White People and upcoming projects from Justin!

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