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As the sun is heating up and the summer is reaching its climax, crowds of people are clamoring for the next big event that will fill their vacations with fun and a splash of blissful excitement.


Well, it’s finally here! All BTS, Twice, SHINee and TTS (just to name a few) fans—it’s what we’ve been waiting for! KCON 2016 in LA is coming to the heart of Los Angeles in the Staples Center with a new star-studded lineup from Friday, July 29th to Sunday, July 31st.
KCON is one of the largest conventions dedicated to bringing Hallyu, or the Korean cultural wave, to North America. It brings together pop music, TV dramas, movies, fashion, food and beauty in order to celebrate the incredible nuances of Korean culture. At KCON, Hallyu fans are given the incredible opportunity to walk around a convention filled with interactive workshops, fascinating panels and colorful booths, as well as meet and connect with other Hallyu fans across the continent.
This one-of-a-kind event started in 2012 as a one-day event at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California, but quickly expanded as the North American Hallyu fanbase overwhelmed the convention. After four years, KCON has grown into what it is today: a three day convention with two nights of concerts in multiple locations across the globe, taking place in New York, Japan and Abu Dhabi. This rapid growth of KCON runs parallel to the overwhelming fruition of K-pop worldwide. Hallyu has taken the world by storm and continues to be a global phenomenon as it touches all parts of the world.
As an avid attendee of KCON for the past two years as well as a Korean-American student, I am incredibly excited to see what new features KCON 2016 in LA will bring to enrich what Korean culture means to Americans. From my observations of the past two KCONs, there were definitely many problems regarding the organization of the event, seating arrangements, ticketing information and the scheduling of artist panels. However, I found that KCON 2015 was exponentially better planned than the previous year and now, I look forward to the growth of the event from KCON 2015 for KCON 2016.
I, for one, am so excited to see BTS, SHINee and TTS perform on stage in front of my eyes instead of on my computer screen and I cannot wait to share this phenomenal experience with my fellow Hallyu fans! Counting down the days already!

Written by

Michelle Whang

Korean-American. Singer. Embarrassing dancer. Prone-to-accidents. K-pop addict. Book nerd. These are just some words to describe the oddball person that is, well, ME! Hi, my name is Michelle Whang and I am a sophomore at the University of Southern California (USC) studying Communication and Digital Studies. With an overly loud laugh, a dorky sense of humor and a passion for writing and the power of words, I strive to live every day with #noragrets.