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What can I say but when I’m in my video game zone don’t disturb me.  I was reliving childhood glory playing one of my favorite all time game Area 51 at the STiKS Arcade Charity Gaming Gala.  I must have been looking pretty good since I had two guys chat me up but when your in the zone with BOTH guns in your hand taking out aliens … well my mind was on the high score!   It’s sort of funny since I’ve been looking to date but I just wasn’t in a ‘flirty’ mood I suppose.  I was polite to everyone I met but the games were quite intoxicating.  It reminded me of going to the traveling fairs back home in Iowa that sprung up during the summer and fall with games, people and fun.  As a kid my dad would take me & my younger sister to the arcade on Saturday afternoons.  He’d give us about $10 each to play what we wanted and I remember walking around the arcade plotting out what games to play and rather to play a new game that I might lose immediately or stick with the games that I could get the most bang for the ‘buck’ (so to speak).  I could never resist alien games so Galaga will always have a special place in my heart.  It was so much fun to walk round and round reliving memories of whiling away hours playing Galaga trying to avoid being destroyed or captured.  It of course made me think of

Tron not just the movie but the game and the weird graphics .. well just a weird game where (if I remember correctly) shards of glass (??) and trying to race the motorcycles before getting crunched.  I liked the game but the game never liked me since I always got killed immediately!   It’s so funny that I still remember what the game looked like and with the huge gamestick and all the pictures around it.  It was like the people who designed the movie were told to make really tacky wallpaper!    It’s sort of funny but I haven’t played, seen or thought of most of these games in years but seeing Galaga made me think of them and made me want to play them again!  Anyone else have fond memories of the arcade???  Or am I just the only geekette that still loves the old computer graphics??   If I could transport a handheld video game to myself back than I bet it would have BLOWN my mind!!!

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