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Long Beach Motorcycle Show

December 9 – 11, 2011

I’m attending the Press Day on Thursday, December 8th and am looking forward to getting up close and personal with some beautiful machines.

I’m just talking about the Harley (what can I say I love my bikes big and loud), BMW (sleek and sexy) and Indian (flirting with the new guy).

But really am looking forward to seeing all of them.  They have brands that I’ve only seen in magazines and of course on the road.


I can’t wait to learn more about the upcoming models, changes, fuel economy and if they will be looking at alternative energy sources!

So if your in the area and love fast machines grab a ticket and check out the Motorcycle Show!  Link to purchase tickets


Motorcycle Manufacturers


Participating in Select Markets for 2011-2012

Long Beach, CA
New York, NY
Long Beach, CA
New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
http://www.motorcycleshows.com/sites/motorcycleshows.com/files/zero motorcycle
Long Beach, CA
New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Cleveland, OH
Chicago, IL
Daytona, FL


Grab the digital paint can and turn a brand new Kawasaki into your own personalized two-wheeled canvas!

Made world-famous by a recent highly-watched television debut, the SmageBrothers will take their trials stunt riding to the next level with an all-inclusive, never-before-seen show that is sure to make your eyes pop and your jaw drop.

With $90,000 in prize money and over $20 million worth of magnificent motorcycle machinery, the 12-city Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show represents the largest traveling custom bike competition in the world!

When you step into the Dream Pavilion presented by Schuberth, you leave behind the realm of the “every-day ride”, and enter a fantasy world where a rare, unique collection of unbelievable motorcycles awaits your arrival.

Raise your “MQ” (Motorcycling IQ) at the all-new Learning Curve, where more than two dozen FREE seminars will be held throughout the weekend.

Test ride some of the latest bikes from some of your favorite manufacturers.

Develop strong connections with a community of women who share your passion, energy and excitement for the exhilaration of the open road at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

Nostalgia for the past and an appreciation of the future, witness a tribute to the pioneering spirit that led to today’s motorcycle industry as you travel through the last century of motorcycling.

Enjoy the Marketplace, a top-of-the-line showcase for all the leading Aftermarket Parts and Accessories.

Spin the wheel and win awesome prizes, courtesy of Allstate!

Your one stop information shop for everything you’ll need to know about the local riding community – riding clubs, local riding areas, track days, local dealer lists, show programs and more.

Ride to the show, and take advantage of free gear check along with free motorcycle parking!

Progressive customers and lucky winners can get a custom t-shirt designed at the new Paint Shop featured in the Progressive Lounge at each show and everyone can get a picture out riding with Flo.

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