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1. How did you get involved with No to Dog Meat
Lori AlanOne of my best friends from college (Fia Perera) asked if I wanted to help organize a demonstration outside the Hollywood Bowl during the “Chinese Splendor.” Having served on my Union’s Board I was relatively experienced with organizing people, so I said, “Sure. What’s it for?” When Fia told me it was for the dog (and cat) meat trade and that a torture food culture even existed, I immediately knew I had to be a part of the solution.
2. When did you first learn of the UK based non profit

When Fia and I were researching organizations for this demonstration, we came across the NoToDogMeat website and found they had readily available materials for us to print and use. We explored the site further and began a dialogue with the org’ founder Julia Cadet. After learning more about the programs and frontline efforts NoToDogMeat was creating, we decided we wanted to start a U.S. chapter. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

3. What can the average person do to help with No to Dog Meat if they aren’t in the LA metro area
Help educate people. This is a barbaric practice that doesn’t just happen in “other countries”. It also happens right here in America. It happens in communities you would never think it would and dogs by the thousands are being stolen to fulfill this evil industry. So educate others, help protect all dogs, and donate money to organizations making a direct impact like NoToDogMeat. We have a direct link on our website and please join our mailing list on our website as well to stay abreast of what we are doing. Start a chapter in your city or town!
4. Are you a dog and/or cat lover
Yes, I grew up with both. My first dog was a Saint Bernard and I would hang on his neck to cry…to love him…he was my everything. We also had a cat named ‘Pyewacket’ named from the play “Bell, Book & Candle” that my actress mother was doing at the time. I was extremely allergic to her, but I would try to pretend like I wasn’t because I loved her so much. If I could I think I would live with more canines and felines than humans 🙂 🙂
5. Who’s your best pet friend and why
For the first time I have a small dog named ‘Bumble’. I found him on the street – he was hanging out at a gas station – the week after my beloved ‘Harry’ dog passed away. I thought I would help find him a home, but I quickly realized he was home. He’s the sweetest, cuddliest boy who looks like a small human in a dog costume.


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