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Am I the only one a bit jaded of the ‘zombification’ of classic literature?  Well pretty much rehashing of anything with the update of adding zombies like that’s original.  Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE a good brain eating zombie chasing stupid kids through the woods but this is just getting crazy!   Alice in Wonderland now is getting chased by zombies who are after her lovely brain??? Well that’s just crazy what next A tale of two cities – the Zombie Revolution??? If anyone tries to write that book it’s MY idea .. teee heee no really PLEASE don’t write that book!  Can we get a little original stories please but while this book is free on B&N I recommend downloading it for well …. it’s free that’s enough for me!  I want to wish all of you a fun and ghoulish filled Pre-Halloween weekend!!!  kisses .. well brain kisses! bwa ha ha 

Free Fridays: Alice in Zombieland

With Halloween just days away, it’s only fitting that this week’s Free Fridays selection—Alice in Zombieland by Nickolas Cook—is a frightful literary tale. 
Fans of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece will recognize the framework of this macabre story: young girl finds herself on a mysterious and magical adventure and learns life lessons from an odd cast of characters along the way. But Cook’s illustrated retelling is something much more sinister than the original. Now instead of chasing a white rabbit down his hole, Alice is following a black rat through a graveyard. Along the way, she encounters all manner of undead characters—both human and animal—and a zombie army controlled by the malicious Queen of Hearts.
 Alice in Zombieland stands out among the many recent zombie books thanks to its wonderfully depraved illustrations and a dark twist on one of my favorite classic tales.
Happy Halloween!

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