My Pet Dinosaur: Family-Friendly Film about an Unlikely Friendship Coming Soon

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Imagine a cross of E.T.’s suspenseful mystery with one of Pixar’s feel-good journeys and you’ll get My Pet Dinosaur. “You have to swear not to tell” is one phrase that almost every kid uses when there is mischief. As seen in the trailer below, this mischief involves a dinosaur and a group of kids. The Australian-shot film tells a story about a young boy that discovers and befriends a dinosaur after a military experiment had gone wrong in his town. However, the military leader is on the hunt for his new pet and one can’t help but wonder what will happen to their friendship?


My Pet Dinosaur is a second feature for the Emmy Award Winner, Matt Drummond, whose previous film was 2014’s Dinosaur’s Island. The cast includes Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi and Tiriel Mora.

The film will be released in New Zealand and Australia on April 25. Worldwide dates will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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