Netflix has brought chaos with “The Witcher” and earned a new fan.

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What I am about to say may seem blasphemous to some of you but it needs to be said: I did not know what the Witcher was or had even heard about it until I saw the first trailer for it. Yet, as you know I love fantasy, so of course, it got my attention. Netflix created a fan experience to come into the world of the Witcher and I was right in line.

Along with a great one on one interaction with a bard, who sang a tale of (insert your name), the Witcher, which was hella fun. And the bard was quite sweet. There was also a booth where with a quick flash, you become the Witcher. Inside a walk-through, you got introduced to the mage’s training ground and the bloody remnants of Princess Ciri’s kingdom.

With all the fanfare, came the shining moment; Netflix unveils The Witcher Season 1 Episode 1: The End’s Beginning. And it was amazing. Now I remind you I had no background knowledge about this world, but the world-building that they are doing is quite good. I do wish I got a little more information about Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill, but I imagine that they will unfold more as the series progresses.

We were told no spoilers, so I won’t, but here are three points I find fascinating: 1. Geralt is supposed to be some mutant, demon -spawn, magic-filled terror, but he doesn’t seem all that terrifying. Powerful? Yes. Intense? Definitely. Sexy? Well, kinda yeah. But scary, no. Some pervert magician, you will see who I mean, said that Witchers don’t feel anything. I don’t think that is true. At all. He keeps his anger in check because if he doesn’t he will be the monster they claim him to be, and deep down, I think he has a very good heart.

Princess Ciri is something, I am not sure what, to be honest. But there is a lot going on inside that little girl, which brings me to point two: What is it that is in her that would bring a kingdom to its knees? All I can think about is power. Power is a motivator with men and they will do anything to grasp it. Ironically, or not, that power lies within a young woman. Score one for the ladies!

Point 3, what lies between Princess Ciri, this innocent and fierce young lady, and Geralt of Rivia, the demon-spawn with a heart, that is drawing them together. What is it that will guide them together and what costs must be paid to bring the demon at the doorstep to its knees? These things hit me so hard, that when the screen went blank I immediately wanted the next episode to play. This is going to be my Christmas break binge series, I can see it now.

I don’t know where Netflix is taking us with The Witcher, but I am definitely going along for this ride. The Witcher premieres on Netflix on 20 December. Tune in, because I will.

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