Shang-Chi: Cultural Impact and Celebration of Fight Choreography

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Andy Le (Death Dealer) is at Comic-Con: Special Edition 2021 

I’m pretty excited for the Shang-Chi: Cultural Impact and Celebration of Fight Choreography at Comic Con: Special Edition. 

The panel has Andy Le (Death Dealer), Joseph Le (action designer for Shang-Chi, director: Twisting TigerMartial Club, martial artist), and Brian Le (stunt performer: Shang-Chi, martial artist/actor Martial Club) and Jessica Tseang (international comics historian, AMC’s Secret History of Comics) will discuss with them about MCU first ever Asian superhero, the Asian led comic book movie, representation and bringing the characters to life. 

It should be exciting as the MCU embarks on the next films that will expand with new characters for fans to meet for the first time or to see again (if you’re a comic book/graphic novel fan). Its major changes with new diverse cast members (actors) and Marvel digging into their huge library of comic book characters. 

I look forward to hearing from Andy Le, Joseph Le and Brian Le as they discuss the use of martial arts, weapons and overall choreography of the fight scenes. If you would like to hear them the Panel is on Saturday, November 27, 2021, from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm, held in Room 29AB so mark your SDCC calendar. You can also head to the autograph area before or after the panel to get an autograph from Andy Le (Saturday, November 27th from 1:30pm-3:30 pm and 5:30pm-7:00 pm at Table AA04)

I recommend coming early since Shang-Chi was a blast to watch and am sure numerous fans will want to hear from this talented team! I plan to attend the panel so say Hi and save me a seat in the front!


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