WONDER WOMAN 1984 is HBO Max & Theatre bound this December

Warner Bros. Pictures’ WONDER WOMAN 1984 jumps into theatre AND HBO Max in U.S. on Christmas Day. Ho ho ho to all of us!!! It’s a new world and HBO Max is thinking ahead with leveraging tent pole films and exclusive TV/Film that will be streaming exclusively on the new platform. Like so many of us in the USA and […]

The babysitters will save us!

Trouble’s coming kiddies so get ready for the the babysitters to save you! I love love love these movies that remind me of the 80s kid adventure movies and the new Netflix film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting looks like it’s a blast. Not too scary but with a few boo moments to watch with the lights off and […]

Gentrifying vampires are taking over the Bronx

It’s the start of the spooky season with the Netflix premiere of Vampires vs. the Bronx on October 2nd! The new horror-comedy directed by Oz Rodriguez who does double duty as co-writer with Blaise Hemingway is just what horror fans need .. VAMPIRES! Vampires vs. the Bronx has night walking gentrifying vampires coming to the Bronx! Miguel Martinez (Jaden Michael), Luis Acosta (Gregory […]

Stay IN w/Devil’s Due Comics

Stay in dammit and read COMICS! Devil’s Due Comics wants you to hibernate with their full digital library for the week to keep all safe and sane during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like an angel with a halo Devil’s Due Comics is offering ALL digital comics on their webstore free to download for the next week. It’s best to practice social […]

40th Anniversary of Activision Blizzard

I’m excited to see what Activision will bring to San Diego Comic Con 2019! They didn’t come to play <he he> at the Licensing Expo 2019 with collaborations with Activision Blizzard’s flagship brands, including Activision’s Call of Duty®, Crash Bandicoot TM and SpyroTM, and Blizzard’s Overwatch® and World of Warcraft®.   “Activision Blizzard has a portfolio of some of the world’s most beloved franchises, and our aim is to work with world-class […]


Godzilla is the KING of the monsters I’ve loved Godzilla since I was a child and have incredibly fond memories of the old movies watching with my dad. So it’s hard to critique a movie that hits all my nostalgic memories with better F/X.  If you grew up loving the Japanese Kaiiju pictures and love to fantasize what Toho would […]

Disney’s Aladdin Review: Cherry at the Movies

Kids will love to climb on this magic carpet ride I remember seeing ‘Aladdin’ with Robin Williams as the blue genie that delighted me. I remember singing the songs with my brother as we left the theatre with my family. When Disney announced they were making a live action movie directed by Guy Ritchie I was curious if it would […]

It’s been 40 years and the Xenomorph keeps stealing our hearts! 

ALIEN 40th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION LAUNCHES WITH SIX NEW TERRIFYING TALES FROM TONGAL’S EMERGING FAN FILMMAKERS 2019 is the 40thAnniversary of the suspenful horror film that created a genre I had never seen before with acid-bleeding Aliens and a strong female hero.  Twentieth Century Fox Film partnered with the global creative community of Tongal for die-hard talented fans to develop and produce […]

Avengers: Endgame Review | Cherry at the Movies SPOILER FREE

It’s the end of the MCU as we know it but the Avengers: Endgame brought old friends, cameos, call backs, laughter and a few sniffles My spoiler free review is keeping it vague on details but we all know Avengers: Infinity Wars ended on a snap. Of course MCU began in 2008 with Iron Man and for true comic book […]

Fast Color Review | Cherry at the Movies

Ruth is on the run from her past, her powers and to her family to fix what’s broken. It’s a dissolute barren landscape where water is the ultimate commodity and the power that Ruth has puts a target on her back. Fast Color is a quiet film focused on three generations of women (a child on the cusp of girlhood) who […]


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