TeenWolf Reveals Season 5 Secrets at 2015 Paleyfest

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The entire gang was at the 2015 Paleyfest and talking about major secrets to a room full of rabid fans. MTV’s first scripted series IMG_6972TeenWolf made it’s first visit to Paleyfest with the cast and creator who took the time to talk about the basis of the show. It’s not six packs and pecs but is friendship. Friendship between Dylan and Tyler. Scott and Stiles. Lydia and Stiles … well maybe more between them as season 5 progresses.IMG_6988

The panel was moderated by Jarett Wieselman (BuzzFeed) who got Jeff Davis (Executive Producer) to spill a few spoilers about the new season. The writers have a season where they are really focused on the senior year and all the changes that brings to any young person on the cusp of adult independence. Graduation is a time where the gang is thinking about the future. Will they loose touch with friends? A new mystery is a foot and our dynamic duo is getting some serious investigation time at the local asylum. It’s a friendship love triangle with Liam, Stiles and Kira as the repercussions from Allison’s death are still felt in Get into college or stay home and get a job? I mean who would want to move away from a town of supernatural acceptance? Can you imagine how hard it is to gain the freshman 15 AND worry about shaving your entire body??? One of the ones that got the fans excited was that Lydia might finally find love this season! Jeff said that we’ll have to wait and see who she’s dating since Lydia might not end up with the person you thing .. hmmm so many handsome guys and beautiful girls on that show it’s hard to know WHO I want her to end up with! Now all of those curious about Stiles name will likely have to wait. They know the first letter, that it’s a real name, but not how to spell it AND Jeff is debating to save the big reveal for the final episode!  IMG_6970IMG_6969IMG_6973 IMG_6978 IMG_6984


Moderator: Jarett Wieselman, BuzzFeed

Tyler Posey, “Scott McCall”

Dylan O’Brien, “Stiles Stilinski”

Holland Roden, “Lydia Martin”

Dylan Sprayberry, “Liam Dunbar”

Shelley Hennig, “Malia Tate”

Arden Cho, “Kira Yukimura”

Jeff Davis, Executive Producer


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