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The cast and creative team behind the CW’s The Flash came to San Diego Comic Con along with all of the other “Arrowverse” shows to discuss everything that happened during season five as well as preview the upcoming season six, which will include an epic 5-series crossover event based on “Crisis On Infinite Earths,” which will see the characters from The Flash mix it up with characters from Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and the new Batwoman, which premieres this fall. Before meeting fans for an autograph session and then again for a panel later in the day, the group sat down with the press for roundtable interviews to discuss the show.

First up, The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, spoke about the emotional impact of the season five finale, the newspaper headline tease and how it will play into season six, the breaking news that Brandon Routh will be returning as Superman in the “Crisis” crossover, and the logistical nightmares of filming the crossover events.

Danielle Panabaker talked about the Caitlin/Killer Frost relationship and what we might expect next season, and about her new role as director for episode six.

The “Crisis” Event is going to be huge and Tom Cavanagh talked about how complicated it is to make all of the different show schedules, crew schedules, and actor schedules work in a cohesive way.

Hartley Sawyer spoke about his character Ralph and about how Ralph being a little different adds to the Flash team, and where he ultimately sees Ralph ending up in the future.

Candice Patton (Iris West) talks about the loss of Nora in season five, and also the big “Crisis” crossover event.

Finally, Executive Producer Eric Wallace stopped by to tease season six and the “Crisis” crossover.

The Flash season six premiere airs on the CW Tuesday, October 8th.

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