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The Majestics: The First Native and Latina Princess Team

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Looking for a new graphic novel series featuring Latina Princesses, adventure and awesome heroism? Look no further than the debut of The Majestics!

“Get ready for the highly anticipated San Diego Comic Con! Amidst the excitement,
Kayden Phoenix is making a triumphant return, bringing forth an entirely new universe

known as The Majestics. Following the groundbreaking debut of A La Brava, the first-
ever Latina superhero team in comic book history, Phoenix now unveils a captivating

lineup of comic books featuring Native and Latina princesses.
As both the creator and writer, Kayden Phoenix, who has long been an enthusiastic
attendee of the convention, takes pride in standing on the other side of the table with her

own publishing company, Phoenix Studios. Inspired by the grandeur of SDCC, Phoenix
intends to empower and invigorate her audience through her Latina princesses. Her goal

is to break free from the limited portrayal of skin colors that society has imposed upon us
for so long.
The significance of diverse representation in Phoenix’s comics has garnered support from
prominent news channels such as Disney/ABC Eyewitness News 7, Spectrum News 1,
KTLA 5, and Telemundo, amplifying the reach of her work.”

“Among the princesses introduced by Phoenix Studios, we have Mexica, an Aztec princess who embarks on a journey outside of Aztlan to solve three riddles as part of her princess initiation. Following her is Alora, a witch princess who competes with other “possible” princesses to prove herself as the true princess. Lastly, we have Novi, the space princess who finds herself on the run from corporations seeking to exploit her tachyons. In the near future, Phoenix Studios will release Swan, the water princess who gets abducted by pirates, and Macab, the death princess who ventures to Earth to correct a mistake she unintentionally made. All of these princesses unite in a thrilling team-up adventure known as The Majestics.”

Are you ready to dive into this amazing new series!? Follow along as the first news of it arrives during this years San Diego Comic Con. Check out https://latinaprincesses.com/ for more info on these brave, new Princesses!

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