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I have to write a brief post over the season premier of the Real O’Neals (ABC) a series that tackles surprisingly serious subjects in 30 minutes with the lightest of touches.

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‘The Real Thang’ was the title of the Season 2 premier on National Coming Out Day. At first glance it’s just a fun episode about finding your ‘people’ in High School and as an adult with Kenny starting his own ‘LGBT Club’ at school, Eileen still navigating dating and Pat making new ‘single’ friends … <dum dum> it’s the same person <guffaw> with a bit of a twist of traditional sitcom jokes. But than they toss in the reality of kids telling parent’s that they are gay or transgendered with the real fear of being kicked out to the streets or forced to attend a straight counseling program and well .. it’s not funny anymore. The writers and executive producers took something that serious and made it light enough where you can watch the episode with a thoughtful conversation. As well as Noah Galvn’s PSA at the end to recommend a number to call for people figuring out their place.

Well done Team Real O’Neals! I can’t wait for next Tuesday at 9:30pm for the next episode that will make everyone laugh and think.


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