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This review is gonna be quick, this episode was a trip. I mean, we get to meet evil in one of it’s most disturbing forms, with the face of a child. To make it worse, it was two children.

David, Kristen and Ben are invited to evaluate a young boy that has effectively brought his family to the point of terror. Locks on doors and cabinets, huddled in one room to keep him out while they sleep has you already fearing for this family. To see the boy is only like 10?! Well, that is a mind f- through and through.

Though David tried to help, I swear all he did was teach a little sociopath how to be a more effective little sociopath. Unfortunately, I was write. Then he was a gone little sociopath. And though I can not condone such behavior, I understand.

Rose390 is a virtual demon child that further validates my decision to put parental locks on all my children’s electronics. No shame. Thanks for that validation, Evil. Speaking of which, my son has joined my reaction video, so check it out on my Twitter @SkylahAnari! See you next episode and remember to catch Evil on Thursdays on CBS and CBS All Access!

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Skylah Anari

I am a little weird and I love that. I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and after 7 years in the military, I moved to LA to become a part of this crazy entertainment world. Having the chance to put my thoughts out on this slice of life is an awesome experience. So, join me on my journey through all this, grab a slice of my weirdness and enjoy the insanity.