Toy Story 4 REVIEW

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Toy Story 4 Returns!

Finally after a 9 year hiatus, Disney and Pixar return with its’ computer-animated comedy-drama film, Toy Story 4! They brought back everyone’s favorite characters, including Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Jessie (Joan Cusack), and Bo Peep (Annie Potts). It also introduced us to some new characters, such as Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves), Gabby (Christina Hendricks), and Forky (Tony Hale).

Toy Story 4 introduces new characters, such as Gabby (Christina Hendricks), and Forky (Tony Hale), and Duke Caboom (Keanu Reeves).

Toy Story 4 is a great movie for children and adults alike. It had so many life lessons that everyone could learn from and relate to no matter the age. From overcoming your fears to letting go to beginning a new chapter in life, Toy Story 4 illustrated some great moments that every child has experienced. Some examples are overcoming first day of kindergarten anxiety, “making” unexpected friends, and finding comfort in the simplest things. It also had moments that every adult has encountered, such as wanting to protect young children, persevering through difficult times, letting go of the nest to allow your birds to fly, and choosing love and happiness. 

Woody embraces Forky (Tony Hale).

Toy Story 4 is filled with laughter, tears, thoughtful, and triumphant moments. Although it is a children’s film, I believe that everyone, no matter your age, would get a good laughter out of the movie. The humor in the movie was appropriately placed and executed well. Disney and Pixar definitely did not disappoint!

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key make their voice appearances as Bunny and Ducky.
Bo Peep returns to assist Woody in his adventure in Toy Story 4.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Toy Story 4 for ALL AGES. As we go through life, we all need reminders that we can overcome difficulties, fears of not being good enough, and allowing ourselves to let go when the time has come to move on. So bring the ENTIRE family -young and old- to join Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they go on yet another adventure to accomplish every toy’s dream of finding a child to shower them with unconditional love. 

Alexandria Jordan

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