Cherry Geek TV shows to watch week of January 15, 2018

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Happy Martin Luther King Day 

It’s the week of January 15th and I have series that should be on your ‘must see GeekTV’ series finale, returning, new and winter season premiers.


The Gifted, FOX, Monday, 8:00 pm

We get the gift of two hours with the season finale of The Gifted (FOX) and I’m expecting lots of mutant on mutant action with a hefty dose of Sentinal Tech! I have to say for Monday nights was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Gifted (FOX). I have found this first season very enjoyable not just because I read the Xmex-Morlocks when I was a teenage but from the casting choices, to the writing and the FX was top notch! If you haven’t been enjoying the series you can catch up on the FOX app or stream on hulu.


Supergirl, The CW, Monday 8:00 pm

I watch Supergirl but it’s pretty uneven for me as a fangirl but the Legion of Superheroes .. YAS girl YAS. Hopefully this won’t be shortshft to the supporting characters who have been pretty absent with the new big bad. I hope that she won’t get lost with the addition of more superheroes and if this is a ‘toe’ in the water of a new superhero spin off series. But I’ll tune in and am not in love with how they designed Brainiac but he’s always been one of my favorites so will reserves judgement. Hmmm what happened the first part of the season? Daddy Martian is on earth, her new friend is now a bad gal out to destroy the world and she’s still dumped.


The Flash, The CW, Tuesday 8:00 pm

I enjoy The Flash they way I enjoy a slice of cake it’s sweet, pretty to look at and worth the empty calories. The cast works so well together and the ‘baddie’ of the week is a love note to the comics I grew up with as a child. I wasn’t sure what direction the series would go after Barry finally found love and marriage with Iris but the mid season finale shocker was GREAT. Now that Barry is on trial and will have to prove his innocence this season is going to be a bumpy rollercoaster ride and I’m ready to scream!

Black Lightening, The CW, Tuesday 9:00 pm

The family that fights together stays together!


I am very excited about the premier of the newest DC Superhero Comic Book series. Who hasn’t retired as a superhero fighting crime and become a high school principal and father of two? The new series will follow Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) a divorced father of two daughters Jennifer Pierce (China Anne McClain) and Lynn Pierce (Christine Adams) that is drawn back into the crimefighting life to protect his children and city from The One Hundred gang.

Riverdale, The CW, Wednesday 8:00 pm

Riverdale is back and happily has caught the hood .. or have they but at least it looks like the winter season premier will go back to the sudsy show I fell in love with and will have a meaty storyline for Josie AND the pussycats who took a backseat to the Southside Serpents. I want Jughead back at his middle class school and bring his pretty bad girl crush for a love triangle. MORE of Josie and the Pussycats but I think my wish was answered on the mid season finale somebody was getting some unexpected loving!


The Librarians, TNT, Wednesday 8:00 pm

I enjoy the Librarians it’s silly campy fun with an amusing cast and story’s that remind me (for some reason) of old fashioned swashbuckling Errol Flynn movies I watched as a child. This season they have really spent time with giving each of the Librarians time to shine and get to know they and it’s really resonated with me as a fan. This upcoming episode ‘A Town Called Feud’ has got the secret sauce of action, humor and a little history that keeps me tuning in and live tweeting every week.

The Magicians, SYFY, Wednesday 9:00 pm

The season premier of The Magicians literally blew everyone else OUT of the water it was a delight! It set up the new season stories about finding magic, kicking the fairies out AND how the gang will go on the most epic quest! I don’t want to give anything away but stream the sean premier on the SYFY app ASAP and let’s live tweet Wednesday about the return of one of my favorite series. I want to give the creators, writers and entire cast + makeup + FX/cosutme/set designers a big kiss because every episode has been thought out with such care that it keeps me on the edge of my seat. I have to apologize to the sloth but the writing and FX team had me going. Such a pleasurable series that has returned firing on all cylinders!

Happy!, SYFY, Wednesday 10:00 pm

I have to say this isn’t my usual type of show. Don’t let the title fool you it’s not ‘happy’ per se but it is a blast with a cast of crazies that I would NOT like to meet walking down a dark alley. The cop gone bad with a heart of … gold or maybe cocaine. Doing the right thing kicking and screaming is STILL the right thing but I still don’t trust his jaded bitter dirty behind. But Happy! and his BFF do deserve to be well …. happy and I’m hooked on if he can rescue her from the evilest Santa EVER and what the heck is the man/monster behind the vast conspiracy to ‘disappear’ children! If I see Hansel and Gretel eating a gingerbread house I’m screaming ‘run’ to the screen.

The Good Place, NBC, Thursday 8:00 pm

This is so much fun and I can’t wait to see how they will navigate going through hell. I mean they deserve to BE in hell so it won’t be that hard but they will be on the ‘Most Wanted’ posters soooo

Supernatural, The CW, Thursday 8:00 pm

I’m very excited about the midseason winter premier since this will be a big intro to the first spinoff. This season they have taken a few steps away from the Angel Wars but then they hit the gas and went right back with Lucifer, his son and more angels, I want the monster of the week and exploring the brothers relationship as adults who are unable to have relationships. I think that the Wayward Sisters will be a throwback to the first season and I’m pretty here for it especially with the women kicking but but still treating the monsters like sentient beings who are sometimes good and sometimes evil.

Arrow, The CW, Thursday 9:00 pm

I’ve watched Arrow from episode one and am hoping the Winter Season premier will focus less on Oliver’s love life <yawn>. I want more fighting. great villains, more time with the Arrow team, his son insisting on being trained aka the new Speedy or Mini Arrow something and if they don’t plan to use him ‘off to boarding school’. Also they are doing Diggle SO wrong from his wife, to daughter/son and now the addiction Palming the kid off to his second, third, fourth choice ‘true love’ Felicity is weak and … Felicity you deserve better!

MacGyver, CBS, Friday 8:00 pm

I enjoy this show it’s silly fun and sort of STEMish. I really watch it because my grandfather loved the original and I would watch with him sometimes. So I have a softspot for the series which is much better than I thought it would be. The genius, his bodyguard and friend squad solving a disaster of the week in 60 minutes shouldn’t work but it does. The chemistry between the cast just feels so darned welcoming I watch every week. I’m hoping that he will find love with his fellow genius Riley (such a cute couple).

Marvel Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D, ABC, Friday 9:01 pm

I’m really enjoying the season with them being in the future trying to save humanity. I have no idea if they will come back to the present, how quake destroyed earth or if our intrepid band can pull humanity out of the quagmire but it’s been so fun that I am watching live every Friday night. Oh year they moved the show to Friday at 9PM.

“Counterpart,” Starz, Sunday, 9 p.m. 

I have yet to see this new series on Starz but from the first peak it had me incredibly intrigued. It reminds of a cold war movie but with a major science fiction twist that will have viewers on the edge of their seats staring the enthralling J.K. Simmons and Olivia Williams. I have to admit I have a major weakness for alternative universe stories from the weirdness of Fringe to the original Star Trek it’s a great way to see a glimpse of ‘what might have been’. I find these type of stories very difficult to maintain but Starz has put together a great team so am sure my high expectations will be satisfied.

Let me know what you think!

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