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The latest dessert is Straight out of Hokkaido Japan

This is a delightful explosion of flavor in a buttery crust! BAKE CHEESE TART had a media preview before the grand opening this weekend at the Century City Mall. It’s a light, cheesy, slightly sweet freshly baked cheese tart that is melt on the tongue delicious. The baked treats originated in Hokkaido that started out small but has grown into an international sensation across Asia with the first store opening in Tokyo (2014) and a second location in North America (the first is in San Francisco) right here in Los Angeles. The Bake Cheese Tart shop will have the original flavor, chocolate, strawberry, matcha green tea and even soft serve ice cream. You can purchase as individual treats or a box of six in it’s lovely yellow perfect for a gift, party or ‘treat yo’self’! The Grand Opening is this Friday, October 4, 2019 and they will be giving away t-shirts!

The tarts are made at the Sapporo factory from fresh Hokkaido cheese and milk after being baked and sent daily to stores around the world. They have locations all over and if your not in Los Angles or San Francisco you can see where the closes is on the Bake Cheese Tart site.

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