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Can you put a cost on a public relations campaign that will go viral?  Well the owners of Pace have put $500 as the price to win the lease of their restaurant as well as the priceless advice of a professional restaurateur to help the winner live out his or her ‘Top Chef Restaurant Wars’ dream. 

The management team has put together the perfect ingredients to build excitement, buzz and people willing to live out a dream. 

  1. Food
  2. Santa Barbara
  3. Sunny California
  4. Almost FREE
  5. Contest
  6. Daydream
  7. Own your own business

Anyone who watches or likes to read ‘food porn’ has thought they could run a restaurant and for $500 a lot of people will likely take a chance to make a major change in their lives and ‘go west’ to live the life in Santa Barbara.   It takes a lot to break out and this contest is like catnip since … well I’M writing about it!  

What makes this effective is that it has a good story that is easily read and can be told in 5 minute soundbites for the local news. Of course the true judge will be how many people will plunk down the $500 entrance fee to be in the running as well as if they have the cooking know how to impress the local judges.  

I wouldn’t call this a true contest or raffle but instead almost an entrance fee to compete.  Just because you pay the entrance fee doesn’t mean you have the qualifications or will be selected by Mr. Snyder and his panel. 


Ever dream of owning your own restaurant?
Well here’s the opportunity of a lifetime to win your own restaurant at 413 State Street in the commercial tourist hub of Santa Barbara, California. Located just four blocks from Stearns Wharf and the Pacific Ocean, this open kitchen, 50 seat restaurant could be yours.

The Grand Prize

✓ Our fully operational turnkey restaurant
✓ Beer and wine license
✓ The lease paid for one year
✓ $20,000 in working capital
✓ 120 hours of mentoring
✓ Our loyal customer base and goodwill
How Do I Enter?
3) Pay the $500 entry fee.
1) In a video, tell us why YOU are the right person to win this restaurant.
2) Write an inspiring one-page essay on your vision and restaurant concept.

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