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Are you a fan of Sci-Fi and History all rolled into one? Than look no further than the Science Fiction and Fantasy book Alexander X: Battle for Forever!

Alexander Grant just bought his 651st house. He’s moved from city to town, small town to even smaller town in an exhausting effort to live a quiet life. That quiet is shattered when a mysterious cabal attempts to kidnap him and kill his friends. Fortunately, Alexander has spent centuries training for this moment. He’ll need every second of that preparation if he’s to outwit the most dangerous person alive, the mastermind of a plot that would change the world forever.

The story follows ‘teenager’ Alexander Grant, as he navigates high school while trying to handle kidnappings, explosions and crushes. The audio book is narrated by the amazingly, awesome King of Nerds, Wil Wheaton. Author Edward Savio has been ranked #3 Action Adventure Author behind J.K Rowling and George R.R. Martin.

If you are a lover of the X-Men and getting some history lessons sprinkled throughout, you’ll dig this genetic defect story that also has fantasy and time travel. It also has a kick ass audio book narrator.

Alexander X: Battle for Forever, Book 1 is available now and Book 2 drops July 9th. Keep your eyes here for more info on the author and the book happenings for San Diego Comic Con 2019.