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Well BuzzFeed sparked my curiosity when I saw the header of the article ‘home state’s signature drink’.  I’ve lived in a few drinks, love history and enjoy stumping bartenders .  Just kidding I’m usually a margarita, mojito, white russian and wine sort of person but I’m always open to expanding my palate!   Check out the various state’s where I’ve lived over the years and try to figure out what should be my next home state!

I had to start my state signature cocktail adventure with California.  Well I DO live here! More amusingly is that I’ve had a Mai Tai!  It’s been years and it must not have impressed me too much since it’s not my go to cocktail!



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Drink: The Mai Tai (Light rum, dark rum, lime juice, orange curacao, orgeat syrup)
Why?: This fruity beverage is said to have been created by Victor “Trader Vic” Buergon at his Polynesian-style restaurant in Oakland, Calif.

I do love my home state with its wide open spaces, clean air and friendly people but am remiss that I’ve never had this drink!  It’s called the Iowa Sunrise and it’s in homage of the sun on a winter day.

The Iowa Sunrise

But when I was younger I didn’t really drink much alcohol and in college it’s all about the cheap well drinks!  I must admit this appeals to me visually it looks so refreshing and I do love a sweet drink in the summer!

I lived in Minnesota one summer when I worked at Valley Fair in Shockapee, MN.  This is called The Bootleg (Bootleg mix, gin, vodka/light rum, and club soda).



Vladimir Shulevsky / Ghetty Images

Drink: The Bootleg (Bootleg mix, gin, vodka/light rum, and club soda)
Why?: Bootleg cocktails are made specifically from Bootleg Mix, which can only be purchased from the Woodhill Country Club in Wayzata, Minn.

Despite living on the east coast/Washington DC for years I never had the pleasure of trying the Rickey.


Washington D.C.

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Drink: The Rickey (Gin, lime juice, and carbonated water)
Why?: While the drink was created in the 1880’s, the drink maintains its popularity as one of the most popular gin cocktails in the area and even has a virgin version called the “lime rickey”.

The Copper Barley is more my speed as far as being a light sweet drink that will dance around my tongue.


Lujó Semeyes / Ghetty Images

Drink: The Copper Barley (Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda water)
Why?: The Copper Barley is a cocktail that uses malt exclusively from the Virginia Highland Malt distillery.

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