Your Heart Melts, Not the Snow: Disney presents “Frozen II”

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Are you ready for the tears, heartbreak, loving and magical masterpiece that is Frozen II? Trust me, you’re not. Disney has fully out done themselves. Also, parents, be prepared, there are plenty of songs that are about to be on your playlists. On repeat.

On this go round, Elsa and Ana get another shot at sisterly love and a whole lot of truth. We get so many questions answered, like why does Elsa have powers, but not Ana? What happened to their parents? There is so many moments that makes you laugh, makes you cry and makes you smile. According to my son, Olaf is his favorite. That is no surprise because Olaf as usual warms our heart with his cool demeanor, but the love between Ana and Elsa will have you wanting to watch Frozen II, twice.

If you are ready for a great family night of laughter and warmth, Frozen II is right where you want to be.

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