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I ALMOST missed an opportunity to flirt because well it’s a lazy no makeup/grunge Sunday aka I just roll out of bed, take a shower and toss on clean clothes kind of weekend.  So I have to say that I spent this weekend just tired after weeks on the phone with ATT Uverse/Cell Phone trying to set up new account and asking about cell phone upgrade.  It was like purposely running into a brick wall where staff told me to switch service (YES told me to switch service and asked me if I wanted to disconnect service) and the final straw was when a disgruntled customer service staff member deleted me out of the system!  It took DAYS for them to schedule someone to rehook up my WiFi and new TV service.  Really beyond frustrating so despite my excitement at starting a new job (yahoo) I was just tired and needed to deflate after spending hours on the phone (thank goodness for unlimited minutes!) and wanted to just spring clean/catch up on sleep and relax.

But the weather was so nice in Sunny Los Angeles that I decided to walk to the Grove for people watching, dog petting and checking out the newest science fiction/fantasy releases at Barnes and Noble.  As I was perusing the books looking at old favorite authors and new intriguing covers (LOVE feminist/poc friendly covers!).  I as usual smiled at people and moved out of the way cutting through the aisle.  Just a regular lazy day at the bookstore with people chatting, grabbing coffee and talking books (so among my people).  So imagine my (meet cute fantasy romantic) happy surprise when I see a really cute guy walk up and start to look at books in MY section!  I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ‘meet cute’ a guy in the science fiction/fantasy section of the bookstore.  so I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as he slowly drifted towards me looking at books.  I had zeroed in on a bright book cover (orange … so sunny that it just appealed to me viscerally) and as I was reading the description the man came right by me and reached for the newest Orson Scott Card novel.  I had fallen in love with A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton that appealed to my mood for fantasy to take with me to San Diego Comic Con long train ride and since it’s all about fairies living in the modern world of crazy Los Angeles … well I’m all in!

Ooops got distracted by my love of reading from my ‘meet cute story’ well anyway he had put the book back and I smiled.   I said aloud ‘I haven’t read Orson since I was a kid .. he got to rapey for me!’ and we both laughed.  We chatted for about 10 minutes about favorite books from childhood to the authors we’re reading now.  Sadly he left to see a movie and didn’t ask for my number but it was still nice to get a little flirtation on with a good looking guy that shares common interests.  Maybe I’ll see him again and we’ll exchange numbers or more likely will never ever see him again unless he’s with his significant other (hence not asking for my number).

Ah well you have to take every opportunity to meet someone.  Always remember to smile and strike up a conversation with people.   You never know if you’ll meet someone.

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