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American Hustle is just on everyone’s mind with a star studded cast and the darling of Hollywood because it’s a lot of the same cast from Silver Lining Playbook.  I LOVED Playbook because the writing lept of the screen it wasn’t a perfect film but it was a good film with cast that had the chemistry worthy of all the accolades it received.  Now I find American Hustle doesn’t get the same love with all of it’s over acting and wide changes from moment to moment.  One moment it’s a sexy romantic comedy and then next it’s a mob movie (wanna be Goodfellas).  As I said when I first reviewed it on my YouTube channel I Didn’t Get Hustled By American Hustle – Movie Review that the film needed editing to make it more cohesive.  It just feels as if either I saw a different movie than everyone else or it’s the herd mentality that a popular cast and a writer and director who’s the current golden child can do no wrong.

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