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I have to say that I’ve never been a math genius so am pretty darn jealous that kids today have this new show with the Wonder Year’s Danica McKellar who’s making math fun and cool!  I wish I’d had this program and her books back when I was lost in algebra, trig and statistics (required college class to graduate).  Maybe all this time was learning math wrong and not processing it with the right side of my brain.  Bwa ha ha


Stumped by Pi? Ambivalent about binary numbers? What if math superstar Danica McKellar (aka “Winnie Cooper” from the Wonder Years) made math…fun?

Studies show 99% of humans hate math. And the other 1% is Danica McKellar. (Double check our math on that). Join The Nerdist Channel for Math Bites, the all new web series created and hosted by actress and bestselling author (Math Doesn’t Suck, Kiss My Math), Danica McKellar. As a certified math genius, Danica’s mission in life is to help the rest of us hate math less. And her Math Bites are bite sized videos designed to help you think about math without hurting your brain. In each episode, Danica tackles another math mystery, from practical stuff like mastering percents when shopping, to the bigger questions of life, like “what’s the big deal with Pi, anyway?” Written, hosted, and directed by Danica, Math Bites are like a peek into her quick-thinking, kooky, math-addled brain. After you watch them, you are a million-percent guaranteed to love math as much as she does. (Again, double check our math on that.)

Math Bites premieres on The Nerdist Channel today! Check out the first episode, all about pi, here (click on image) on YouTube:

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