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Goodbye 2013

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Yahoo let’s scream and shout that 2013 is almost over.  I’m hoping that 2014 will bring me not just what I ask for or what I want but what will be right for me.  I know that I want a new job so have spent the past two months sending out resumes.  I’ve revamped my resume over and over till I got the perfect mix of visual appeal and writing that shows off the best of me.  I’ve had a few interviews but no job offers but it bodes well for the new year.

Dating well it’s been interesting.  I’ve been meeting quite a few men this year since I’ve gotten my groove back .. well maybe it’s confidence or just that I’ve been in the right place at the right time.  I’ve been on a tear with a winning smile that has gotten men to stop me in my tracks to chat with me.  It’s taken a while to get my flirting skills and reading men much better.

Come on 2014 and bring on new adventures!


I live in Los Angeles and am a professional in the new media communication and marketing field with experience in non-profit, education, healthcare, political campaign and volunteer management. I’m a trustworthy honest creative professional that is able to offer strategic counseling on marketing & communications using social media.

In my spare time I enjoy cultural events, going to the movies, being a foodie, getting in shape and dating.

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