Are Sweat Pant Jeans a good idea???

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Did you see the article in the LA Times last week regarding that a couple of high end denim brands are jumping into the comfy sweatpant bandwagon?

I’m very curious about trying them on but doubt they will be making them in my size!  I think of them as being a good idea if made correctly.  I’ve seen the jean sweatpants sold online and at Walmart in person.  The quality isn’t up to my standards of jeans since I do love a good dark rinse, good quality cotton and nice finishes with a good fit on the touch!

I found a couple of them online for you to check out

I’m not a Avenue shopper since I don’t like the quality of their fabrics and the designs aren’t my style.

Pull-On Straight Leg Denim Jean I just saw them online and they aren’t my style but I’m sure their target audience liked them.  I prefer my jeans to be very fitted and have a bit of flair at the bottom.  I feel that’s very slimming since I have long legs and a full bootie (tee hee).

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant has a good selection of Leggings and Jeggings.  I think that they have a good selection and I do like some of their denim products.  I remember when they had the 7 Line and I used to LIVE in those jeans.  I got compliments on them all the time and was very disappointed when they got rid of the line.

Let me know what you think!

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