Halloween is around the corner so here’s a few shortcuts for the grownfolks holiday!

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Or as I like to call it Slutoween since so many women get their ‘whore’ on that night.  I find so many women say it’s OK to wear the sleeziest outfits since it’s a costume party but I like to be sexy but classy so you won’t see my ass hanging out, too much cleavage or just looking like I’m going to be selling it on the streets!

If your a plus sized woman you can find a variety of costumes in stores or online.  But if you want to buy something online I recommend that you order really soon before the most popular outfits sell out or won’t be arrive on time.

Party City has Plus Size costumes for Men and Women.  My favorite costumes for women are the:

Tabby Costume – but it’s sold out already!

Fun Sparkly Witch – is still available in limited sizes

Ghostbuster – still available

Sheriff Reno Deputy Johnson – Still available

Miss Red Riding Hood — is sold out .. ohh noooo

Also they have a few costumes on clearance but have limited sizes

Target has a limited selection of Plus Size Costumes (size 16/18)

I also want to recommend a few homemade costumes you can use with stuff around your place, go to Goodwill or any random store.

Cereal Killer – Get a box of cereal, a fake knife and cut slits to slide the knife in and out while shouting I’m a Cereal Killer (I have a odd sense of humor)

Zombie – Grab old clothes, add fake leaves, smear black makeup on your face and mess your hair up to look dirty (add more leaves and ‘dirt’).  You can switch it up with Zombie Cheerleader, Zombie Mom, Zombie Baby or if you have last years costume just zombie it up

Puppy/Kitty (Pet) – Just wear a tshirt, sweatpants in a neutral color (white, black, brown), grab some makeup to paint a pink or black nose, make a tail and ears from a sock or old pantyhose .. voila your a pet and if get to rub up against people and insist on getting petted!

Mrs. SantaAll you need is a red top, black pants, a black belt, a tummy and a jolly laugh

On Vacation – You can be a Devil ‘on vacation’, Santa ‘on vacation’ and all you need is a drink with an umbrella or a cigarette and a bit of an attitude.  All night you get to say ‘ehh I’m on vacation’ .. this is my go to lazy costume when I’ve waited to the last minute to get my Halloween outfit ready!

Sick Person – You can be a sick person who’s going to work (so wear work clothes) or just being a sick person going anywhere.  You’ll have Vicks, Tissue, Vitamins, use makeup to red up your nose, a little gray under the eyes and announce to everyone as you pretend to sniffle and sneeze that ‘I’m OK’! tee hee

Let me know what you think!

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