The holidays are coming to PaleyLand

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the holiday season of family and friends all in one spot! This year the Paley Center is celebrating the holiday season with classic TV programs from their archive on the big screen from noon to 5pm! It looks simply delightful to see the mean Grinch in all his glory […]

Toy Story is ready to scare

tonight at @ABC with their second holiday special! This year’s christmas is all about dinosaurs and looks great. Now you may think … ehh saw the movie and they can’t surpass but I have to say that Pixar has gone out of their way to create not only a cohesive design, story and look but also make sure it’s captured […]

If your on the Westside looking for Memorial Plans head to MAINopoly

Am I the only one waiting till the last minute for Memorial Day plans?  Am so staycation it this year and plan to binge on movies and tasting events!  Am very stoked for a bit of cosplay with the first ever MAINopoly taste event on Main Street in Santa Monica.  A great opportunity to try new restaurant friends and old […]

Grrr Godzilla Marathon Memorial Day on Epix!

If you have Time Warner Cable or Dish you can celebrate Memorial Day with an old friend .. well is Godzilla really a friend?  I remember watching these movies back in the dark ages of my childhood where I always rooted for Zilla.  She (I mean didn’t in one movie she have an egg??? and a cute baby in a […]

It’s the 24 Hour Cinefamily 24 Hour Holiday Telethon

Boy does this take me back to my childhood watching telethons on PBS and Jerry Lewis manning the phones.  If your a fan of film and want to keep join the Cinefamily to keep them showing films right here in LA consider donating to the fundraiser and see if about seeing the telefon LIVE at the Silent Movie Theatre. December […]

Big Brother may not be watching but Mickey Mouse IS with Magic+

I can never fear the mouse and I for one am excited about this new tech that Disney recently unveiled. The first Disney resort for the roll the is Disney World Orlando in Florida where Magic+ will make your vacation .. well magical.  The handy bracelets is part of a tech trifecta with a app, website and the bracelet that will enable park […]

Interview with Goodie Girls and Cupcake Wars Winner Annette Starbuck

I attended the grand opening of Goodie Girls Cupcakes Shop in Glendale.  It was so cute a pink explosion of the best flavors EVER.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the Peppermint Hot Cocoa Cupcake such a great taste of holiday magic.  I had a chat with Annette Starbuck who’s charming, nice and supported by her husband and family. If your looking for […]

If you want to volunteer this Thanksgiving here’s a few suggestions

Thanksgiving Dinner: A Place Called Home Pumpkin, apple, pecan, whatever pie mom bakes best to follow up the turkey, plan to make an extra this year and bring it down to the dinner for disadvantaged youth on November 23. 2830 S. Central Ave., West LA (323-232-7653) Movie Buffs: Film Freak Thanksgiving Food Drive Bring a bag of groceries to the Smart & Final next weekend […]

Halloween is around the corner so here’s a few shortcuts for the grownfolks holiday!

Or as I like to call it Slutoween since so many women get their ‘whore’ on that night.  I find so many women say it’s OK to wear the sleeziest outfits since it’s a costume party but I like to be sexy but classy so you won’t see my ass hanging out, too much cleavage or just looking like I’m […]


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