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If you have Time Warner Cable or Dish you can celebrate Memorial Day with an old friend .. well is Godzilla really a friend?  I remember watching these movies back in the dark ages of my childhood where I always rooted for Zilla.  She (I mean didn’t in one movie she have an egg??? and a cute baby in a few of the old movies) was the innocent creature who man encroached on her territory so she had to defend it by destroying Japan!  tee hee  Hmm does that make me a radical environmentalist?  I hope not since I really enjoy makeup, bathing, hair products and shoes! bwa ha ha  So if you’re planning on staying home grab some popcorn, candy, friends and family for the ultimate marathon leading up to the release of the new remake of Godzilla (who definitely is not friendly).    It’s the Epix Drive-In  “MEMROARIAL DAY GODZILLA-THON” starting at 6am on Monday, May 26th.  Really can you call yourself a true geek if you’ve never seen these movies?  Better still grab the kids for some relatively G rated horror (compared to what we have nowadays) to get them into the monstor movie genre where the monstors are people in really bad costumes!  I LOVED Mothra when I was a kid so might cosplaying some classic movie magic at SDCC.  Well I’ll rock a tshirt!  It’s hard rocking around in SDCC crowds in costume the lack of vision is an accident waiting to happen and well I like getting into the bathroom with no fuss!  

“MemROARial Day Godzilla-Thon” Full Schedule – All Times ​EST

Monday, May 26

6:00 AM – Ghidorah, the Three- Headed Monster

7:30 AM – Rodan

8:45 AM – Godzilla’s Revenge

10:00 AM – Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

11:20 AM – Godzilla Raids Again

12:40 PM – Ghidorah, the Three- Headed Monster

2:10 PM – Mothra vs. Godzilla

3:40 PM – Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

5:15 PM – Rodan

6:30 PM – Terror of Mechagodzilla

8:00 PM – Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

9:20 PM – Godzilla Raids Again

10:40 PM – Ghidorah, the Three- Headed Monster

12:10 AM – Mothra vs. Godzilla

1:45 AM – Rodan

3:00 AM – Godzilla vs. Monster Zero


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