Monday Cancer Horoscope May 5 2014

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So I am dorkishly trying to figure out life and so of am reading my FriskyScopes.  It’s of course whimsical and nonsensical but it fits my mood.  It’s especially amusing since I did talk to my ex (horrible breakup) just last week where he spit his usual emotionally manipulative game at me but am over him so other than a momentary heart flutter of what might have been had he been nice to me am not hankering to get back on that rollercoaster ride! No sirree bob am looking at a new job and field since I want lots of changes in my life.   It starts with money so that I can afford to join a Barre gym (LOVE barre!!), move to a new apt/neighborhood and of course fund my geek life!  Now if a great geeky guy crosses my path my heart is open to him but right now my main focus isn’t dating but instead allowing fate, kismet and the winds of destiny to nudge onto the path that will bring happiness.

Cancer (June 21-July 22): What’s old is new again and you’ll have a magical power at finding things you’ve lost, which could even include an old flirtation — not an ex, but someone that you had a “could have been” moment with. Not that true love is a guarantee, but there is luck in looking in places you haven’t been to in ages, as there is lost treasure to be found.

Best Lay Day: Monday, May 5

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