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“I grew up with horror movies and even before I was watching Argento & Italian horror, I was binging on the classic Universal Monsters movies and the 60s/70s bloody colorful Hammer movies. Karloff, Lugosi, Lee, Cushing, were all childhood friends of mine so needless to say I was ecstatic when Vice Press asked me to do a Hammer Dracula poster – been wanting to do that for ages. Hope all the love I have for Hammer and Christopher Lee shows.” – Francesco Francavilla


I learned that Vice Press next officially licensed screen print movie poster will be from the 1966 Hammer Horror classic Dracula: Prince of Darkness, starring Christopher Lee as Dracula with art by Francesco Francavilla. Vice Press is a company focused on producing artwork that celebrates British and European pop culture and the Hammer Horror movies was a dream for them to acquire the license rights. They are honored to work with an artist to produce a series celebrating one of cinema¹s most iconic characters as portrayed by one of the most legendary actors of cinema, the late Sir Christopher Lee. The collaboration with Francesco Francavilla was perfect synergy of fan love and art reflective of the time when the film was released.

Francesco’s art perfectly matches the character and subject and captures the spirit of the classic 60s illustrated movie posters.


Dracula: Prince of Darkness by Francesco Francavilla Edition of 120 24 x 36 inches 100# Cougar Cover Natural Paper 7 Colours Printed by Vahalla Studios £40


As a child I remember being frightened by the atmospheric Dracula Prince of Darkness starring Christopher Lee. This Dracula horror film is so different than the ones today full of scarlet red blood and leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s why seeing this poster makes me remember this classic film full of fear of shadows that made me hide under the bed as a child. Its why I am quite delighted to see Francesco’s new Screen Print Art Poster from Vice Press. Despite not seeing the film in decades this brings Christopher Lee back to life for me with his velvet voice full of promise of something I had no real understanding. Hmm maybe I should watch it again with a woman’s eyes . Even if I don’t track down a copy to watch these screen prints would be a scary delight on my walls with Christoper’s eyes following me full of naked desire for my rich blood!


Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Variant) by Francesco Francavilla Edition of 60 24 x 36 inches 100# Cougar Cover Natural Paper 7 Colours Printed by Vahalla Studios £50


Mark your calendar to order your print set by Francesco Francavilla available Friday, May 6th at 6pm BST exclusively on www.Vice-Press.com.  These Francesco Francavilla print sets will be popular for monster, vampire and Christopher Lee fans all over the world. 


About Francesco Francavilla:

Francesco Francavilla is a NY Times Best-selling Author, Award-winning Storyteller, Creator, Comic book Writer & Artist and Illustrator known for his creator-owned series The Black Beetle and pulp-inspired comic covers. Francesco Francavilla is also known for his work on DC Comics Detective Comics series with writer Scott Snyder.




Twitter @f_francavilla



About Vice Press:

Vice Press are a U.K based print house focused on producing fully licensed art prints and screen printed posters featuring primarily British and European properties from movies, television and literature.

Vice Press work with both up and coming and well-known artists from around the world to produce new and distinctive works of art.




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