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Did you see this week’s free ebook for the Nook on B&N?  It’s the first book in Marjorie Liu’s paranormal romance series called Tiger Eye.  I love free but am not into these types of books but will download it since it’s probably great for reading on a plane.  You know something light and frothy of course the guy on the cover is smokin hot so that’s nothing to sneeze at!! lol

Today’s Free Fridays selection, Tiger Eye, is the first book in Marjorie M. Liu’s critically-acclaimed Dirk & Steele paranormal romance series.


Wish-granting genies have been part of folklore tradition for centuries, but Liu’s novel offers a sultry twist. When Dela Reese purchases a small box in a Beijing market, little does she know it will change her life forever. When she opens the box, a handsome and powerfully built shape-shifter emerges. Now Dela is the unwitting slave master of this ancient mystical warrior—Devi—but unlike his past masters, she’s willing to help him break the curse that sealed his fate long ago.


As Dela and Hari find themselves in battle with the shape-shifter’s ancient nemesis, their attraction grows until the unlikely pair embark on a passionate and dangerous affair.

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