Awesome Panels to attend that aren’t in Hall H Friday edition

Find any gem panels yesterday that you normally wouldn’t have gone to if you got into the bigger halls? What plans do you all have today? Here are some panels that I think sound pretty cool to attend if you don’t want to wait in long lines.

The 2019 Black Panel
Room 5AB 10:00AM
The Plot Against Static Shock: Are some banned Black creators deliberately set up by publishers? Yeah, it’s like that, and that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it. I know you were expecting RUN DMC but got KC & The Sunshine Band instead. Well,Don McGregor (writer, Black Panther), Steve Geppi (owns Baltimore—yep, the entire city), and Greg Resse (journalist) love that song and are part of this year’s panel. Wayne Brady (everything), Bill Duke (director and runner of red lights), andLakita Garth-Wright (writer, media consultant) will join them. Also joining the panel will be Darryl McDaniels, better known as DMC. It’s like that, and that’s the way it is. Look for some big surprises. Any spokesperson who makes a Michael Davis announcement and isn’t Michael Davis is lying.

The Fantastic Flavors of Fantasy
Room 25 ABC 11:00AM
From urban fantasy to epic fantasy to superheroes, fantasy contains multitudes of the amazing and the astonishing. Authors Renee Ahdieh (The Beautiful), Lauren Shippen (The Infinite Noise), Katy Pool (There Will Come a Darkness), Nicole Conway (Legend), Sherrilyn Kenyon (Stygian, Deadman’s Cross series), and Marissa Meyer (Supernova) serve up spicy tropes and savory imaginations across a multitude of subgenres in conversation with David Canfield (Entertainment Weekly).

Embracing Your Inner Geek: An Interactive Self-Care Workshop
Artist’s Loft, BarrioHaus 12:00PM
Neisha T Mulchan (Diversely Geek CEO and ARNP) with the assistance of Jonathan Panarello (APRN, ANP-C ) merge our love of fandom with strategies for mental wellness. Participants will learn to create their own fandom-oriented, self-affirmation care plans that build positive self-value. She is joined by Jyoti Ramdat(communications director, Diversely Geek) and Melissa Gibbo (author, Boredom Kills).

Psychology and the Potterverse: Even Muggles Can Cast Their Patronus
The Theater, Comic-Con Museum 12:00PM
Expecto Patronum! Keith Beard, psy.D. (professor, Marshall University), April Fugett, ph.D. (professor, Marshall University), Britani Black, psy.D. (instructor, Marshall University School of Medicine), Carrie Dean, m.A., and Kasey Kessler,m.A. (Marshall University) discuss their findings from a study examining personality with a person’s selected Patronus charm based on the Harry Potter movies and the J. K. Rowling’s books. The research results demonstrate how personality informs one’s choice of a Patronus charm. Additionally, specific personality traits associated with liking or disliking specific Potterverse characters will be reviewed.

The Immersive Experience of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
Room 6BCF 2:00PM
Brush up on your spells and get your wand ready for an insider’s look at Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the new augmented reality (AR) real-world mobile game. Co-published and co-developed by WB Games San Francisco and Niantic, under the Portkey Games label, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite invites players to take on the role of a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force and explore real-world neighborhoods and cities to discover mysterious artifacts, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters along the way. Join moderator Felicia Day (Supernatural, The Guild, Geek and Sundry) and team members Mary Casey (Executive Director of Product) and April Stegall (Senior Art Manager) from WB Games San Francisco, alongside Archit Bhargava (Director of Worldwide Marketing) and Alex Moffit (Product Manager) from Niantic, as they discuss how this immersive gaming experience was created. Audience members will also get to hear about upcoming features for the game.

The Rook: Season 1
Room 6A 6:00PM
STARZ original series The Rook tells the story of Myfanwy Thomas, a woman who wakes up in the rain beside London’s Millennium Bridge with no memory of who she is and no way to explain the circle of latex-gloved dead bodies splayed around her. When Myfanwy discovers she is a high-ranking official in the Checquy, Britain’s last truly secret service for people with paranormal abilities, she will have to navigate the dangerous and complex world of the agency to uncover who wiped her memory’

Announcing “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” Animated Series
Room 6BCF 7:00PM
Showrunners Alan Freedland and Alan Cohen (American Dad, King of the Hill) discuss the project with Blake Anderson and Adam Devine (Workaholics) and the exciting process of adapting this iconic 50-year-old comic book IP into a series. They will be joined by twin-brother artists and writing team Jeremy Lehrer andDaniel Lehrer (Snapchat’s “Highly Gifted”). Moderator TBA.

And these are just a few panels today that I think will be interesting to take a look at. Especially if you didn’t get into the big rooms and want a more laid back atmosphere. Which ones do you all plan to see?

Netflix Brings on the Fantasy for San Diego Comic Con

Two of the most anticipated upcoming shows from Netflix will make their presence at SDCC this year with scheduled Friday panels in Hall H.

The Witcher panel (2:15-3:00pm) will be on stage in the infamous Hall H. While no news on what will be shown or which cast members will be there, fans of the book series and games can follow along on The Witchers social media for any update news:

Based on the best-selling fantasy series of books, THE WITCHER is an epic tale of fate and family.  Be among the first to get the exclusive scoop on the highly anticipated new Netflix original series centering around famed monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia. Be introduced to the world of The Continent, where humans, elves, witchers, gnomes, and monsters battle to survive and thrive, and where good and evil is not easily identified.

This is one of my most highly anticipated panels and as a fan of both the book series and the games, I cannot wait to see what Netflix has in store for us!

Following right behind The Witcher panel (3:30-5:15) is The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

‘Netflix presents an exclusive sneak peek at the highly-anticipated fantasy series, THE DARK CRYSTAL: AGE OF RESISTANCE, based on Jim  Henson’s groundbreaking 1982 feature film, THE DARK CRYSTAL. In this stunning new prequel, three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, and set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world. Realized using classic puppetry with cutting edge visual effects, the cast and creators discuss all of your burning questions about bringing Thra to life.’

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t watched The Dark Crystal movie again since I was a kid (yes, it did in fact scare me) but I will be popping some popcorn tonight to relive Jim Henson’s incredible film again. Follow along The Dark Crystals social media accounts to be sure to catch all of the latest news for this prequel series!

You can also find more info on both series at and

Free Friday B&N Nook eBook — Christmas

Order ASAP since it’s only available for a limited time


Free Fridays

by JeremyCesarec 8 hours ago
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With Christmas just around the corner, who couldn’t use some last-minute holiday cheer? Today’s Free Friday’s selection—The Everything Family Christmas Book: Stories, Songs, Recipes, Crafts, Traditions, and More by Yvonne Jeffrey—is packed with all sorts of ways to make your Christmas a merry little one.  Give your home a facelift with holiday decorating tips, impress your guests with homemade gift how-tos, and share classic Christmas stories and songs with your family. This all-in-one guide offers everything you need to make this the best Christmas ever.


If you’re a merrymaker who can’t get enough holiday cheer, you’ll also want to check out Why Does Santa Wear Red?: …and 100 Other Christmas Curiosities Unwrapped! for all the Yuletide trivia you’ll ever need.

B&N Free Friday Book is Napoleon’s Pyramid by William Dietrich

I went to download the new Free Friday eBook but it’s not working for me.  I’ve noticed on some Friday’s the free link doesn’t work and than it seems to be a very small window for the free ebook.  I can’t figure out if it’s only free on certain times or if the cap the number of people who can download the book.

You can try to download it tomorrow since I sent a request to B&N to ask why it’s no longer free.

Free Fridays

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“This work is rousing, swashbuckling fun and proof that a good writer can make history not only interesting but an exhilarating romp.”

 Library Journal

In today’s Free Fridays selection—Napoleon’s Pyramids by William Dietrich—an American ex-pat finds swashbuckling action abroad during Napoleon’s rule.


This series debut kicks off with adventurer Ethan Gage winning an Egyptian medallion in a Parisian card game, setting an international chase in motion. Once the medallion is in Gage’s possession, and he’s framed for murder by a group trying to get their hands on the mysterious artifact, he quickly realizes that it’s not just a commonplace keepsake.


In lieu of jail, Gage is offered a chance to join Napoleon’s forces as they seek to overtake Egypt. Believing that his medallion may hold the key to ancient Egyptian secrets, our hero jumps at the chance to follow wherever the adventure may lead. Could the treasure reveal the truth behind the creation of the pyramids? And will Gage uncover the secrets before getting swept up in Napoleon’s ill-fated campaign? This riveting historical thriller will keep you guessing until the last page.


Ethan Gage’s adventures continue in three more critically-acclaimed novels by William Dietrich.



Free Fridays Recommends


Each week, we ask our featured author to recommend a book or author that you may want to check out. Since authors are such passionate readers themselves, we thought you might like to find out what they love to read, too! Here’s what William recommends:


Gore Vidal‘s Burr, a fictional memoir of the early vice president who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, is a wry and insightful interpretation of our nation’s founding that turns the plaster saints of the Founding Fathers into flawed and fascinating human beings. It combines eloquent description with great storytelling, and the result is historical adventure that leaves you thinking. The rascal irreverence of Aaron Burr was an influence on my own character, Ethan Gage.


NOOK owners: go to shop and search for “William Dietrich” to download his Ethan Gage series.

Made in America .. Phoenix, AZ

I recently went to Phoenix, AZ and got to enjoy a few shops in the art district and it got me thinking about the Made in America Pledge I saw on ABC World News with (my FAVORITE nighttime newscaster Diane Sawyer) and on Good Morning America (who I love to watch over coffee in the AM).  It got me to thinking how can I buy in America and satisfy my quirky style/taste??? Well  I checked out the shops and fell in love with the creative folks of Roosevelt Row.  They have a super fun event called First Fridays where people can stroll around the neighborhood and they have tons of food trucks.  It’s a great way for young people to get used to buying art that’s affordable.

So if your looking for holiday gifts check out the creative folks in Phoenix.  The items are handmade so they are one of a kind but if you want to order something check out their facebook pages or call them directly!

So check out the video of trip.  I have to say that I really enjoyed the city and the people they were very friendly.

Made Art Boutique had my FAVORITE item it’s a collection of robots made by a local man.  For the Christmas season he made robot winestoppers as well as super cool fridge magnets.  So if your a bit of a geek (like me) make sure you give her a call to order one for your science fiction fan boy or girl.  THEY will love you for the gift!!!


‘Made in America’ Pledge: What is American-Made in Your Home?

‘ABC World News’ and Diane Sawyer Want to Hear From You

Photo: Made in America

In the global trade battle, you cast a vote every time you open your wallet. The decision? Whether you spend your money on products made in America or overseas. … continued