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I’ve been watching Minority Report from the first episode and not because of the Tom Cruise movie but in hope that Fox would finally do right by a Sci Fi show. It started out with such promise with a solid cast that can act, decent special affects and a general plot that appeals to my inner and outer geek (ESP, tech and a vague future that is in the realm of reality). Sadly every episode was uneven with (as a viewer) a constant feeling the show was trying to figure itself out with a very slow buildup to a big reveal.

The final three episodes had a glimmer of a show that I would have enjoyed watching with the A Team meets the Enforcer aka a rag team group living under the radar pursued by the government/secret organization that uses their abities to help people. As usual Fox had no idea what to do with this type of show and instead turned it into a future cop buddy series with the two likeable leads unable to take the characters and make them pop. I thought both of them did OK but they needed actors who would take the role and have fun with it emoting like the OGA (original geek actor) William Shatner. This was series that should have been popcorn fun but instead just was a bit flat. It started to be enjoyable once they started to really use the supporting cast who brought the fun and pop with delivering lines with aplomb.

I suspect that Fox won’t give the series the time to develop the new storyline or cancel it soon enough to allow another channel to snap it up.

Bye bye Minority Report I wanted to get to know you better.

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