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Yes some random guy decided to drop that ‘truth bomb’ on me because I didn’t want to shake his hand as I was walking down Hollywood. Now I want to be clear he was dressed Christmas Spiderman so was one of the people who get tips from tourists for posing with them. So in my mind politely declining was no big deal usually they walk on to another mark but not this guy. 

I suppose its part and parcel that a lot of men believe that women/females of all ages exist for the sole purpose of amusing them but sorry nope. I have a right to wear a cute outfit and not expect to be bothered by crazy guys in bad cosplay. I must admit that I spend my life avoiding confrontation from my style of dress to behavior I try to stay under the radar. Of course being a wallflower means that nice guys don’t notice me either so am working walking a fine line.

Over the next year I have decided (again) to find a good guy so am back on dating sites and asking/telling everyone to set me up with SANE guys. The proof of the pudding is if I find my Han Solo to my Princess Leia (I’m spunky, feisty, willful and will NOT be tamed) so want a guy with a little swagger and a heart of gold. 

I plan to practice with my internet dates so have decided to cut most of them major slack. Unless I think they are married or looking for a NSA and than a big NOPE! I am going to meet one guy for coffee this week but he is already at a deficiet since I had to ask HIM if he wanted to meet for coffee after he sent a passive aggresive text saying ‘I suppose you aren’t interested’ which is true I don’t want  a wimp since I’ll walk all over him. Am hoping he will step up and impress my low requirements <ha ha>.

Other than that am working on figuring out what I want since I am very clear about what I do NOT want!

Anyon else trying to end the year with a NYE date?

Let me know what you think!

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