Have you met Los Cabos?

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I had the opportunity to ‘meet’ Los Cabos when they brought a taste of Mexico to LA. 

I’ve been planning to visit Mexico but must admit Los Cabos wasn’t on my mind since I wasn’t familiar with it. I thought all of the go to vacation spots were about the same but I was wrong. The city planned from the beginning to respect the land and the people who live on this slice of heaven. Like many I do try to lessen my negative impact on the environment and like to incorporate exploring places where I visit from hiking to eating food at local restaurants to just simply seeing nature all around me. I was ecstatic to realize that you can Humpback, Sperm,  and Minke Whale watch from the clean beaches and take a bike (I plan to walk) up the mountain for a night of camping. Well I do like my comfort so it’s more like stay out till it gets dark and I get hungry for supper. They currently have 76 resorts to choose from that can accommodate my ‘Girls Weekend’ plans with direct flights from across the USA. I’m a great love of ‘farm to table’ and quite a few of the resorts/restaurants take advantage of the fresh veggies and proteins that are native to the area. I have a major weakness for tacos so Los Tres Gallos and La Lupita Taco & Mezcal are on my ‘Taco Everyday’ list. I want to dance the night away, flirt with cute guys, enjoy tequila as I watch the sunset, and meet a sea lion! Hold up what I really want to do is just sit on the beach and look at the water. The photos of the clean water is what made me fall in love with the west coast and the fact that they want to keep it beautiful has my little green heart beating. When I travel I am always running around trying to do everything but I think what I want is to just be still.  Smell the fresh air, smell the sea and ocean, and just be at peace. Who wants to relax and just breath with me? I think that I really want to organize a trip so if you want to sign up tweet or leave a comment below. I’ll probably have to wait till the new year but Los Cabos will be worth the wait.

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