How to flirt in time for Valentines

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Well another Valentines is almost here and I still haven’t met ‘the one’ or even ‘the adequate’ guy of my disappointed dreams!

I can’t figure out if it’s me or just that I’m fated to be terminally single ala Bridget Jones  not that I’ve given up but I do have a bottle of Karma Tequila in the fridge to wash away my blues.  Not that I’m giving up hope!   I still think I might meet a cute geeky guy at either the Anaheim Wondercon or San Diego Comic Con but of course I can’t put all my eggs in one basket.  I’m working out so am looking okish and am practicing my flirting techniques.  Now I’m a bit pro-active so I’ve been out and about looking for my type by attending events that are interesting (to me).  I love technology, smart guys, anime, science fiction, movies and food events so am hoping to meet someone with those interests.  But half the battle is being where people are the other half is meeting someone.  If your gorgeous and look like a member of Destiny’s Child, any of the cast members of Hunger Games or any generic actress/model/singer you will likely not have trouble meeting someone.  But for the rest of us who are not traditionally hot, sexy, young and a smoldering passion oozing out of your pores.  Well you need to put in a little effort to meet someones.  It’s an even bigger effort if you’ve NEVER had game and find social cues disconcerting.

So I think a few pointers will be helpful for those who are looking to meet someone that relates to men, women, straight and/or gay

  1. Look approachable with a smile
  2. Look happy and friendly
  3. Make eye contact
  4. A good trick to see if their interested is to catch someone’s eye (count to 5) and than look away with a smile
  5. Chat with them and get a little close about elbow length
  6. Gentle respectful touching on the shoulder, hand or arm can be quite enticing
  7. If you get nervous talking to people memorize a few conversation starters but stay away from politics & religion
  8. It’s true people like it when you laugh at their jokes
  9. Males/Females wear something fitted (not tight like a sausage) but will hint at your body shape
  10. Mimic their body language
  11. Open body language so no crossed arms
  12. Scan the room for someone who’s made eye contact with you and than smile at them or walk over
  13. Give someone a compliment
  14. Keep it light
  15. Don’t talk to just your ‘type’ or people your attracted to since you might overlook someone who’s great
  16. Approach someone and start talking!

Don’t get too invested in every conversation it’s fun to just flirt with someone with no expectation or attraction.  I usually find that if your not that interested in someone it’s easier to talk to them so it’s a great opportunity to practice making light flirtatious conversation.   I personally am not a ‘go to the bar alone’ type of person but like to be social so I’ve joined various meetup and facebook social groups to expand my circle of friends.   I don’t think ANYONE has ever gotten a date sitting at home vegging out in front of the TV.  Instead you have to get out and meet people.

My motto is that not everyone will find you attractive and unless your interested in a PolyMarriage you only need ONE person!  So don’t say that your too fat, old, plain, ugly, thin, dorky or just wrong to stand in your way since you are likely just right for someone you just need to meet them!

Let me know what you think!

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