It’s Valentines but don’t be blue

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Photo: Happy Valentines Smooches to everyone.  I'm blowing a kiss to all my fellow lovelorn singletons!!!
Happy Valentines Smooches to everyone. I’m blowing a kiss to all my fellow lovelorn singletons!!!






Yes it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m .. dum dum dum single but it’s OK.  I know that most people think of the holiday as couple central but I look at as a holiday celebrating love in all it’s many faceted glory.




So let’s count down what Valentine Love is, can be and shared with  …

  1. I love my friends who’ve been with me through thick and thin
  2. I love my family despite finding them annoying at times
  3. I love my neighbor’s cat who always runs to me when she sees me to say ‘hi’
  4. I love my neighbor’s dog Bono the sweetest Doberman on earth!  He gets so excited when he sees me that he literally can’t stand still and just jumps up & down!
  5. I love my Cross Fit Gym Pink Iron in West Hollywood since the trainers, staff and fellow members are egging me onto push past my self imposed fears and limits
  6. I am trying to love myself despite or because of all of my MANY flaws

Don’t feel like your not loved because you don’t have a partner.  If you look around the people and animals in your life you’ll see that your surrounded by love.  It’s just sometimes you can’t see it since it’s not in the package you want from the man/woman of your dreams all tied up in a pretty wedding band.  But love is more than just a sexual love it can be based on friendship, support or just living beings hoping for the best.

Let me know what you think!

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