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Cory Jamison is a Emmy nominated visual effects producer and supervisor. He has been in the industry of post production and in visual effects for over 12 years. Cory also a co founded a company called Barnstorm. A company that only had 2 people, now that has over 50. 

Barnstorm has opened a new facility in Vancouver, British Columbia. Some were worried, but were assured that all the workers will work hand-in-hand with Barnstorm’s Burbank headquarters office. Gregory Watkins and Chun Seong Ng will lead Barnstorm Vancouver’s 2D and 3D departments,

Cory has worked on many great productions. Some of his work on Nebraska (2013), The man in the Castle (2015), Strange Angel (2018), Silicon Valley (2014) and The Good Neighbor (2016) all are fan favorites. He also put forth the idea for new jobs. As part of a plan, Barnstorm is committed to adding new job opportunities in it’s Los Angeles and Vancouver locations.