It’s ALL for sale with the Prop Store

It’s ALL for sale with the Prop Store

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Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Luke Cage and Marvel’s Iron Fist original props, costumes, and more but the auction book is all I can afford!

Many fans are still heartbroken that the Netflix series that broke the internet when they premiered will no longer be made. But take heart if you have the pocketbook or credit card limit you can bid and maybe purchase items from the Marvel Television Live Auction and the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction from the Prop Store!

Even if you don’t plan to bid you have to stop by the Prop Store’s Comic Con booth that will have selected items from the two upcoming auctions. You can ooh and ahh or even take a photo or two with costumes and props from the three series. Fans will want to get up-close look at Matt Murdock’s Daredevil costume, Misty Knight’s bionic arm, Colleen Wing’s heirloom katana and more that will be cherished by a fangirl or fanboy but before they get locked away check them out in person. Find them at booth #3845!

Swing by the booth <oops wrong super hero> to score a different button design daily and enter to win a original Luke Cage production hoodie from Marvel’s Luke Cage. Also mark on your calendar to lurk online or attend the Marvel Television Live Auction in LA this August!

The booth will also include items from Prop Store’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction in London this Fall with items from iconic movies including the Back to the Future Trilogy, Batman, Conan the Barbarian, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Jaws, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Highlights include an original Ewok puppet (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi), an Adam West and Burt Ward autographed batarang (Batman TV Series, 1966), a hero ghost trap (Ghostbusters), John Hammond’s original costume (Jurassic Park) and Jack Torrence’s hero axe (The Shining). This is giving me chills as a fangirl who LOVED these movies and tv shows as a kid!

About Prop Store

In 1998, Prop Store founder Stephen Lane’s love for movies led him to begin hunting for the same props and costumes that were used to create his favourite films. He found that he could not only provide collectors with access to their most coveted pieces, but also establish archival standards for this new, pop-culture hybrid of fine art and memorabilia collecting—prop art. Once Stephen assembled his dream team of like-minded movie fanatics, Prop Store set out like a band of movie archaeologists, looking to locate, research and preserve the treasure troves of important artifacts that hid in dark, sometimes forgotten corners all over the world. Now, more than nineteen years later, the prop hobby and Prop Store are thriving. With over thirty employees between our offices in London and Los Angeles and over 25,000 combined square feet of archived props and costumes, we’ve become the busiest and most trusted authority in the hobby. Thinking of starting your own collection? Give us a call or e-mail and we’ll arrange a tour through one of our incredible galleries so that you can see the limitless possibilities that await. The reality of owning an authentic prop or costume from your favourite movie could be just a call or click away…

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