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I for one am standing with my plus size ‘sister’ and just want to say leave her alone!  Why must a woman always conform to the male fantasy of ‘someone they want to boink’ and if you DON’T look like that you should be fat-shamed until you look boinkable??? She’s a funny woman who has made movies and tv shows I like and some I don’t like but that doesn’t lessen the fact that she’s talented and isn’t always complaining about her size.  I find it positive and refreshing that she’s confident, successful and is living her life the way she wants in her chosen field!

I did see the dress she wore at the Oscars by Marina Rinaldi is the ‘classic’ plus size dress with lots of draping, a little bling and a Grecian look to it.  I think it’s an OK dress that’s not my style or would have chosen for her figure buy you know what .. she looks HAPPY and confident in the dress!  I know that when I walk out of my place if I like my outfit it puts a bounce in my step and a confidence that helps to navigate the thin Hollywood world I live in (ala I live in LA not work in Hollywood!).

Also let’s be honest  a LOT of designers refuse to make clothing for plus size women so we are somewhat limited to what choices we can make.  Their’s a blessed few that make clothes for the non ideal size and often it’s a bit conservative, traditional and not as fashion forward as I’d like.  I wish that we had more options and the choice to buy clothing that’s not ‘drapey’, tent like or that hides our bodies.  But I think we should be able to wear what we like, when we like and not get slammed for our style.

I think that finding fashion for a plus size body isn’t just fit, tailoring and color but also if your confident enough to WEAR an outfit.  It doesn’t matter how many compliments you get in an outfit if you don’t feel comfortable with your body in a dress, pants or skirt you won’t wear it.  As a zaftig plus size beauty it’s taken me a while to feel OK with wearing skirts and dresses or even to wear something low cut.  I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a woman in the public eye who’s attacked for they way she looks in articles or on TV shows so I admire Melissa that she’s representing for the rest of us who don’t fit ‘ideal’ beauty of being thin, young and preferably blonde!

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