One fat lady on Louis C.K. special episode

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So Did the Fat Lady

Louie meets somebody new.

Excuse me but I’m climbing on my soapbox so that I can ‘tell it like it is .. well like I feel’.  This is one Fat Lady who wants to give her opinion!

I read all the accolades about the Louie Season 4 Episode ‘So Did the Fat Lady’ about how it was dealing with TV’s expectation of women being ‘perfect’ with fat schluby men (my words),  just how even when a guy is fat, unattractive and broke he still has his ‘pick’ of women and that it’s not acceptable to date ‘fat’ .. oh and that it was a nuanced episode.

Well I disagree!  I watched the episode and it pissed me off!  It pissed me off as a fat woman (yes I said FAT), as a female, as a feminist and as someone who has a damn backbone.  I’m not saying I haven’t been a fool in and about love but have I PAID someone to ‘cuddle’???  Heck no and I don’t know ANY women who would pay $5 let alone give some schlub like Louie $1200 tickets to some sort of event (something sport .. maybe basketball?? I don’t know or care but give to someone for free hell no!)  So let me break it down why I found this ‘special’ episode a slap in the face of women who don’t fit in the Hollywood ideal of beauty.

  1. Just because we aren’t 20 doesn’t mean we don’t expect and deserve love, respect and courtesy.
  2. Not everybody is a thin young hottie and that’s OK.
  3. No woman has ever said all she’s looking for from a guy is someone to ‘cuddle’.  We are sexual beings just like men and have desire.   If I want something to cuddle I’ll get a damn dog!
  4. Normal sane women (not stalkers) are not going to keep asking a guy out OVER and OVER and OVER again!  Those little scenes were ego boosts for Louie like women are falling over themselves to date him (yes because he has money & is on TV).
  5. I’m not going to BEG you to take me to coffee.
  6. I’m not going to PAY you to hang out with me AND if I were going to pay a guy to hang out with me … well he wouldn’t look like Louie!
  7. I have no issue with you not finding me attractive and no I won’t slit my wrist and HELL no I’ve never given some speech to a guy about dating frustrations (that I want to date)!!!  I’ll kvetch to my friends (male and female) but some guy I’m trying to date??? No am not that crazy.
  8. Everyone eventually reaches a level of maturity where they date people who want to date them OR accept that they’ll be alone forever.  You might want a supermodel but if you’re a broke ugly troll its REALLY unlikely you’ll find one to date you.

I feel a little better getting this off my chest.   Nothing is more frustrating than having a fat guy try to inhabit my skin and tell me how I should feel.  He doesn’t know and from this condescending episode he has the empathy of a man with money who’s able to date who he likes (within reason) so is looking out from a bubble onto the world.  MOST people date/marry people who are equal in looks and  that’s OK.  But if he really wanted to thumb his nose at Hollywood’s expectation of beauty he’d have more diversity in women, in the guests on the show and have writers with less of a NY mancitric view. If the guest star had said screw you I don’t need to beg you instead of the ‘only guys who want talk with me want to use me for sex’.  That’s an untrue fallacy that I (as a plus size woman) can say is untrue since I have men ask me out on dates.

I’m a fan of Louie and accept it for what it is .. a self centered man-glasses point of view life.  I find it amusing since he’s such a sad sack woebegone sort of character but please don’t act like this episode was anything but his ‘man on a mountain’ telling everyone what he thinks is right.

Leave a comment below about what you think of dating while being a fat woman …

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