Musings on my Cancer Horoscope March 3 2014

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Well I’m reading this in relation to my career change/job search and consideration of maybe giving up on my LA dream.   I’ve never loved Los Angeles out of all the places I’ve lived it’s the only one that’s never become ‘home’ to me.  It’s just the city where I have my stuff and work but no real roots despite living here over ten years.  Ten years that have passed by at times fast and others slow as being stuck in tar.  Now in 2014 it’s time to evaluate LA again.  If things don’t change for the better with my having a real career that will sustain me in my old age I will likely seriously start the process of relocation.  I’m hoping that I’ll find a new job soon but if not maybe the Pacific Northwest??? Maybe return to the East Coast where despite all my quirkiness I had better jobs that fit with my nonprofit/political background.  I’m not sure but I am sure that if life doesn’t change for the better I’m pulling up stakes and striking out for a new state or at the very least a new city.   beginning all over again with making new friends, finding a new apartment and job will be hard but what isn’t?  If it gets me what I want a better more intellectually enriched life, success and maybe love well that would make the journey worth finding a new home.

Cancer (June 21-July 22):

Strong emotions are going to hit you, but don’t share them yet. Take the time to thoroughly think about what you want before jumping in. It’ll also take time for the people around you to get used to your latest attraction—not that you need their approval, but this time around, you’ll need solid footing before moving ahead.

Best Day To Get Lucky: Friday, March 7



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