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As a foodie I must admit I look towards LA as the foodie nirvana that titillates my taste buds with cuisines from all over the world as well as modern homestyle (I never say no the mac & cheese) so imagine my surprise when I learned of the Golden Foodies award that recognizes great food in the OC! When I think of the OC it’s not for great food .. not bad food but nothing I’d drive out of town but last year at the Taste of LA they had a couple of restaurants from the OC that got me curious. The food was REALLY good but I just haven’t had time to research a good place to try. BUT I love to vote and give my opinion on food so am thinking I might have to check out the winners! Anyone in the OC planning on rating a hometown favorite or try a new place? Leave a suggestion of a restaurant or bar I should try when I head to the OC this fall!

What are the Golden Foodies? 
The Golden Foodies are the FIRST EVER local red carpet food awards event dedicated to honoring and celebrating local food and restaurant industry. Winners are chosen by the people, it is a People Choice Food Awards. The Golden Foodie Awards Gala celebrates Chef driven and independent restaurants.

Where is the Golden Foodie Awards Gala held?
In 2015 the GFA's will be held at the Fairmont in Newport Beach on September 27th.  

What are the Golden Pre-Events?
​Leading up to the Awards we host many fun culinary pre-events. A popular and always sold out pre-event are the chef demos held at the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom in Costa Mesa.  Make sure you are receiving this NEWSLETTER so you learn about every thing we do!

Will there be food at the Golden Foodie Awards Ceremony?
We have had this question enough to add it to our faq’s page. YES, there will be food.  Honestly, there will be so much food from so many fantastic restaurants it is food heaven! Just in case you were planning on asking...yes, there are drinks as well.

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