Real Heroes Wear Glitter: Heimann’s “Kappa Force”

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We have heard the adage “not all superheroes wear capes,” but here, they sure as hell do wear glitter. From Revry and the brilliant, but slightly twisted mind, of Addison Heimann comes the queer hero show “Kappa Force” that you didn’t realize you were missing until he gave it to you. We are introduced to a world of LBGTQ that looks good and kicks ass. Heimann’s satirical heroes are a force to be reckoned it.

Lets get the serious stuff out the way: this show addresses real world issues. Women fighting against the patriarchy, the patriarchy literally killing to maintain the systemic structure, the overwhelming desire to destroy what can’t be controlled and sexuality is celebrated and not condemned. Situated on a college campus, it becomes clear there is an immediate division, him vs her, us vs them, sorority vs fraternity and even heroes vs douches. The social statement being made against the patriarchy and the celebration of sexuality in all its forms is powerful and clear. Though wrapped in a smile, “Kappa Force” tackles intense social discourse and brings it into a safe space for discuss and frankly, it is something that I think has been missing from the conversation, or at least the attempts to have it. Truly it is one of the gifts of comedy, it brings tension down, but still allows for the serious conversations to be had. One of the many things Heimann has brought with this show.

Here is what I love about this show, there are no apologies for being who they are. Where other shows would shy away from highlighting characters’ sexuality, or make it a negative portrayal, that is not here. Heimann’s embrace of the many facets of sexuality that we have is celebrated never criticized. Even when one of the characters (not saying who, but its good) finally admits that he is gay, there is not one dissent. Mostly, because even we can tell. But what I love about it is when they came out, he was not shunned, argued with, nor made to feel ashamed; he was embraced (figuratively not literally). That acceptance is what I want for all members of the LBGTQ community, because they are people who just want to be loved for who they are, like everyone else; though this is a satire, there is legitimate love for each person. Except The Douche. But we aren’t supposed to love him, because frankly, he is a douche.

Being a satirical show, there is lots to laugh about, so it is surprising that this laughter was born from a dark space. Heimann spoke about how he traversed through a sea of depression, but seemed to find the light at the end of it with the birth of “Kappa Force” and that in itself is powerful. Creating “Kappa Force” may have been realized in darkness, but it is giving me life! I am excited to see where this show goes and can’t watch to see the evolution of these sorority based, kick ass band of female and female identifying heroes. I am here for it and I am in love with it. Bring out the glitter and spandex, gotta go kick some douchey a- (wait this is a family page, but you get it).

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